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Relationship Between The Cancer & Your Folic Acid Supplement Consumption

Relationship Between the Cancer & Your Folic Acid Supplement Consumption

In my practice of more than 10 years,

I have come across many patients who

consume either single vitamin content supplements or

multivitamins contents supplement on their own without

any expert advice. As the awareness about

health is increasing, the consumption of these supplements is

also increasing. The consumption of these supplements

increases even more if a person is diagnosed with

cancer or, is at high risk of developing cancer. One such

supplement which is largely consumed is FOLIC ACID.

If you take folic acid supplement for

very long period of time, or if you are consuming any

folic acid fortified food for very long period of time then,

you are at high risk of developing cancer.

Health risks associated with increased folic acid supplement consumption

for longer period of time are:

  • Cancer of intestine
  • Cancer of bladder
  • Prostate cancer or
  • Breast cancer.

Are you aware about the difference between Folic acid & Folate?

Folic Acid is a supplement produced in the laboratory which

you take in the form of tablets or capsules. And,

Folate is a natural component available from food sources.

The good natural vegetarian sources of Folate are:

  • Bajra
  • Jowar
  • Bengal gram whole &
  • Green gram dal (moong dal)

These foods are easily available in your kitchen &

you can increase its consumption instead of taking

any folic acid supplements unless it is

advice by either your doctor or your dietitian.

Beware: Folic acid can be available as a single supplement, or

it can also be a part of multivitamin tablets of capsules. So,

don’t take any without expert advice.

Why to take artificial supplements when you can get

better quality components from natural sources?

Take folate, avoid folic acid…

That’s all for today.

See you next Tuesday with another Tuesday Tip.

Till then…..

Take care.

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your dietitian & cosmetic clinician. 

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    1. You need to consult a qualified dietitian or your gynecologist before taking any supplements.
      Wish you all the best for your second child 🙂

  1. You’re giving such a beautiful information mam it is really helpful thank u so much

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