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Myth = ‘Enriched’ Means The Food Has Extra  Nutrients Added To It Which Makes It More Nutritious.

Myth = ‘Enriched’ means the food has extra Nutrients added to it which makes it more nutritious.

It is a common practice that you buy product seeing

attractive claims on it. You see ‘enriched pasta’ or ‘enriched bread’

and you buy thinking that it gives you

more nutrient. Let us see the reality:

  • All these foods having the ‘Enriched’ label are actually

processed foods.

  • During their manufacturing process, these foods lose

many of the important nutrients which were originally present

in the raw products.

  • For example, while refining wheat to make white flour,

both bran & germ are removed from the grain kernel. The germ

contains the B-vitamins, essential fats &

the antioxidants. Protein & fibre are found in the bran, which

is the outer layer of the kernel. Once these micronutrients

are removed, a fluffy white inner core is left, it is with

this core that processed white flour is made.

  • Out of these many vitamins which are lost, even if just one vitamin is

artificially added back to its original level in the

natural raw food, the manufacturer can label it as “Enriched”!

so, the truth is, that:

“Enriched” means one or more of the nutrients originally

present before processing is added back. It does not

have more nutrients.

Be smart. Don’t get trapped in the marketing

gimmick. Home made food is more nutritious

than processed foods.

Always remember they are just “ENERGY DENSE, NUTRIENTS POOR FOOD”.

That’s all for today,

See your next Tuesday,

With another Tuesday tip,

Till then take care.

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Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your dietitian & homoeopathic physician.

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