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A Myth About Diabetes

A Myth about Diabetes

MYTH=If you eat excess sugar, You will get DIABETES…..

Diabetes is increased BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL.

There are mainly 2 types of Diabetes- Type 1 & Type 2.

Insulin is the hormone which is responsible to maintain your blood sugar level.

But when there is no production of insulin, you get type-1 diabetes.

It is known as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

And hence you require daily insulin injection.

And, when your body produce insulin but it is not functioning, then

you get type-2 diabetes that is known as

non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

 What causes Type-1 Diabetes?

  • Genes

if you have family history of diabetes

then you are at high risk to get diabetes.

  • Environmental factors like viruses

Viral infection such as measles and mumps

can trigger abnormal auto immune response

that destroy the beta-cell of pancreas which produce insulin.

What causes Type-2 Diabetes?

  • Lifestyle factors like obesity and lack of physical activity

if your diet is not balanced,

you are over-stressed,

there is lack of sleep, and

there is no physical activity then

you are at high risk to get diabetes.

Another cause is-

  • Genes.

Thus, the FACT is==Your sugar intake is not the direct cause of your diabetes.

However, the sugar contains empty calories in it.

When you consume these empty calories, you have increased risk of developing obesity.

And, this obesity is a very well-known risk factor for developing diabetes.

While it is myth, still it is a good idea to stay away

from sugar [and obesity] as much as you can!

Balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

with daily exercise is key to stay away from diabetes.

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Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician.

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