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How to break the cycle of Cough & Cold and Treat it Yourself? Part-3

In last two tips we had discussed about DRY COUGH and PRODUCTIVE COUGH.

You had learned about how to know if you had dry cough or productive cough and

how to cure them yourself.

If by any chance you have missed them,

Click here to read Part – 1 about Dry Cough &

Click here to read Part – 2 about Productive Cough.

Today in the Part – 3 of this series, we will discuss about

 How to know if you have Unproductive cough?    

In this type there is Coughing with no mucus expectorants,

or very little expectoration.

The mucus is stuck in your lungs.

Mucus is too dry or too thick to come out.

Colour of your mucus is either Yellow or Green

Now let us discuss—

How do you know if mucus is stuck?

Your chest becomes heavy.

Hard to take a deep breath.

On coughing, just a little bit of mucus comes out, but

you ‘Know’ that there is lots of cough still inside!

How to Cure your Unproductive cough?

The remedy that we use needs to have two fold action.

that is,

1- Moisten the dry tissues

2- Thin the mucus to help its expectoration

Which Herb to use for your Unproductive cough?

  • Licorice

         Gujarati- Jethimadh

        Hindi- mulethi

  • Violet

       Hindi- Vanafsa


When you must stop self-medicating and

see your Doctor for your Cough and Cold?

You must know your limitation.

While in this series of Cold and Cough we have discussed about

different types of cough.

We have understood that all cough are not the same,

You need to know which type of cough you are suffering from if

you want your remedy to be effective to cure your cough.

However, you must be aware of your limitations.

There comes a time when you must stop trying to self treat

& take your doctor’s help to treat your cough.

so, you must see your Doctor if :

  • Coughing up blood with your mucus
  • Having fever more than 100°F
  • Shortness of breath
  • If your cough is not self cured within 7 days

Now you are well educated about your cough..

When to take Ginger, when to take Jethimadh &,

When to see your Doctor.

 That’s all for today.

I will see you next Tuesday again with another Tuesday Tip 🙂


Providing simple solutions

for the complexities of life

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician




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