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Flatulence: Are You Feeling Awkward When There Is Frequent Emission Of Wind Through Your Rectum?

Flatulence: Are you feeling awkward when there is frequent emission of wind through your rectum?

It is natural that when there is

frequent emission of wind through your

rectum, you feel awkward. Breaking wind may not be

life-threatening, but it can be

uncomfortable & embarrassing. Especially if

it happens too frequently in front of

your professional colleagues or strangers.

How does this gas gets produced in your body?

  • Eating certain foods like cauliflower, onion, chole,

rajma, cabbage, etc. may be difficult for you to

digest. But it is not necessary that you can have

problem with all these foods, only one out of it can

create problem. Or, you can have some other

food that may be giving you this trouble.

  • These foods are incompletely digested in your

stomach & small intestine

  • When they enter your large intestine, they are

broken down by the good bacteria that live there.

  • In this process, certain gases like CO2, hydrogen & methane are

by-products of these bacterial action.

  • You are also more prone to develop frequent flatulence if

you are having more of the harmful bad bacterial &

less of good bacterial in your intestine.


What you can do about it?

  • Chew your food thoroughly- large lumps of food is

difficult to digest in your stomach.

  • If you have lack of time, you create a habit of eating fast. If you

eat too quickly, you tend to swallow more air. So,

make habit of eating slowly. And make sure

you don’t watch tv while eating.

rajma chole or onion are commonly made at night in dinner, but

it is wrong practice. As it is difficult to digest it should be eaten

during day  time, you are more active during day time then night.

  • Avoid carbonated drinks.
  • It is always better to soak beans before cooking. It removes

Some indigestible sugar. And remember to

throw the water in which it is soaked.

Natural remedies for your flatulence:

  • Ginger

You can add fresh ginger in your gravy, stuffing or lemon juice.  Or

have it after your meal as mouth freshener (Mukhvas).

  • Curd

Include fresh curd in your main meal which contains

good bacteria. and make your digestion easy.

  • Cinnamon

Adding little cinnamon to your khichadi, khadhi or

gravy will not only enhance flavour but it will also

help in your digestion.

  • Yoga

Doing yoga will keep your internal body function normal. To get

your copy of Free DVD of simple (but very effective) Yoga that

you can do everyday just Click here.


Passing flatulence sometime is ok. But If your flatulence is

accompanied by stomach pain that persists for

several days, it may be because of some

serious disease in your digestive track. In that case,

don’t try to self medicate- consult your doctor.


Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life-

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician  


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