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How To Raise Your Haemoglobin?

How to raise your haemoglobin?


This is one of the most common questions asked to me by

my patients. In the last two years we are facing this

pandemic and, everyone has realized the importance

of immunity. To maintain your immunity, it is very much

necessary to maintain your haemoglobin level. There

are many reasons for low level of haemoglobin. First of all, you need

to rule out the causes of that after consulting your doctor. As

it is very much important to treat the cause first and then

only you will able to maintain your haemoglobin level. Today

we will discuss which nutrients are important to raise

your haemoglobin levels:


Increase your iron intake-

  • Iron plays important role in formation of your


  • A protein called transferrin binds to iron & thus helps

your body to form red blood cells which contains haemoglobin.

Good vegetarian sources of iron are:

  • Mint leaves – you can make mint leaves chatni

and can have everyday with your meals. You can also add

mint leaves to your green teas.


  • Cauliflower leaves- generally you throw cauliflower

Leaves. But now onward don’t throw it as it is rich

in iron. You can add leaves to your

subjis, you can also make thepla out of these leaves.


  • Sesame seedsyou can make ladoos or chikki out of

sesame seeds, you can also have two spoons of sesame

seeds raw or roasted every day


  • Rajgirarajgira flour can be added to your

roti flour, you can make sheera – a

sweet dish out of rajgira flour.

Folate (folic acid)

Increase your folate intake

  • Folate is one of the B-group of vitamins
  • It forms haem part of your haemoglobin
  • Without folate, your red blood cells cannot mature.

Good natural vegetarian sources of folate are:

  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Peanuts
  • Ladies finger

There are other nutrients like vitamin B 12, protein which

are also important for formation of red blood cells.

In addition, there are some foods that prevent iron absorption and some that help in

your iron absorption. We will discuss about them on next Tuesday.

Till then….. take care…..

Providing simple solutions for the complexities of life

Dr Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Homoeopathic physician.




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