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For The Mother Of An Obese Teenage Child

For the mother of an Obese Teenage Child

I can tell you from my personal experience that

being a mother of a teenage child is challenging.

today, we will talk about a particular situation-

being a mother of an obese teenage child.

I have come across 3 categories of mothers of obese teenage child.

& I am sure you also have come across all 3 types even if you are not a dietitian.

Category 1– Your child is obese, but both you and your child are indifferent about the obesity.

All I can tell you is – may god bless you.

Why? Because being a dietitian I have seen many young people suffering from

various diseases because of obesity at very young age.

Category 2– Your child is obese, you are concerned about

your child’s obesity, but your child is indifferent.

My advice to you here is, that you can not force

your teenage child to lose extra fat and get rid of obesity.

Teenage is very tricky age. They will follow your instruction/ wish only

if they agree with what you say.

And if you try to force anything on them, they become

rebel even if it is for their own benefit. You can only

try to motivate them and prey that your motivation work!

Category 3– Your teenage child becomes self-conscious about the obesity and wants to reduce the weight.

But, you as a mother gets worried that if your child does dieting in teenage,

your child will become weak and that will have adverse effect on your child’s study.

Well, today’s tip is for the mothers of this 3rd category.

You, as a mother of a teenage obese child are having 2 main worries.

I will tell you the reality.

Your worry #1

If my child will do dieting in teenage,

my child will feel less energetic.

Reality of your worry #1

If your child will do dieting in teenage,

your child will feel more energetic.

This is because, when extra fat from the body reduces,

the efficiency of all the other organs increases.

Your worry #2

Because of this dieting, my child’s study performance will suffer.

Reality of your worry #2

In fact, your child’s study performance will improve with dieting.

As your child gets all the required nutrients,

the brain’s ability to concentrate increases.

Your child will be able to grasp more knowledge in less time.

Net effect- better performance in studies!


I know, getting powders for weight loss is the easiest

thing to do for both you and your child.

But believe me, these powder therapy doesn’t last longer.

It is not only costly, but the weight increases again very drastically

once you stop consuming these powders.


Getting balanced food is the only way that lasts for the rest of your child’s life.

It’s natural & it’s safe!

What is balanced food?

Balanced food is getting

-right kind of food

-in right quantity

-at right time.

& how to know what is right kind of food, what is right quantity and what is right time for your child?

There is no ready made answer.

It is as individual as your child.

You need to consult your qualified dietitian to know what will work for Your Child.


Remember- by consulting your dietitian you will only get benefited. You have nothing to lose.

And the benefits are life-long!

That’s all for today.

I will see you next Tuesday with another Tuesday Tip

Till then…. Take Care!


Providing simple solutions for the complexities of your life:

Dr. Bhumita Makwana

Your Dietitian & Cosmetic Clinician

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